1.Criminal Litigation Services
 Providing legal assistance to criminal suspects in the investigation stage, acting as defense attorney and victim’s legal representative in criminal cases
2.Civil Litigation Services  
1) Contract disputes 2) Real estate disputes
3) Reputation disputes
4) Debt and guarantee disputes
5) Labor disputes
6) International civil and trade disputes
7) Consumer rights disputes
8) Industrial injury and compensation disputes
9) Medical accidents and compensation disputes
10) Traffic accidents and compensation disputes
11) Finance and insurance disputes 12) Bill and deposit receipt disputes
13) Securities and futures disputes 14) Maritime and maritime trade disputes
15) Custody and obligations disputes 16) Family, marriage and inheritance disputes
3. Intellectual Property Right Services
1) Copyright disputes
2) Patent disputes
3) Trademark disputes 4) Industrial secrets, unfair competition and technical contract disputes
4.Administrative Litigation Services  
1) Feasance disputes
2)Nonfeasance disputes
3)State administrative compensation disputes
5.Non-Litigation Service  
1)Legal advisor, credit investigation, negotiation, witnessing
Contract drafting, reviewing and amending
3)Production of legal opinion  
6.Corporate Service  
1) Company reorganization, asset restructuring and transfer, merger & acquisition
2) Issuing and listing of stock shares and rights
3) Production of legal opinion regarding listed companies
7.Acting as regular and specialized legal advisor for companies, institutions, organizations concerning foreign elements, and individuals.